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Web Site Marketing Services

Don't Let One More Customer Slip By You! Jump Start Your Web Site Activity with these Value-Added Online Marketing Services:

Company Logo Icon or Text Link Placement on to tap into the buying power of our targeted audience and route them to your web site:
    Medical Equipment Sellers get the opportunity to expand their pool of prospective buyers.

    Medical Manufacturers and Dealers get the opportunity to identify new sales channels for their products.

    Hospitals and Clinics get a broad brush marketing reach to sell or auction their entire medical equipment inventory due to closure, upgrades or mergers.

    Repair, Refurbishment or Finance Organizations get territory expansion or new incremental customers in an existing territory.

Web Site Links Building Program. Analysis of inbound links vis-a-vis competitors. Research, request,and followup to potential link sites with similar audience.

Web Site Sitemap for Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Generate and install XML protocol sitemap. Sitemaps allow search engines to make more accurate rankings and searches by providing the required data faster and more efficiently.

Marketing your web site is at least as important, if not more important, than designing your web site.'s marketing services drive traffic to hospital, medical equipment supplier, and medical internet based web sites. We are specialists in the promotion of medical web sites through online marketing. has the medical industry, marketing, and online marketing experience which medical web sites require and often lack due to programmers inexperience in these areas.

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